RMEP Scholarship Application
The Richmond Minorities in Engineering Partnership (RMEP) will provide funding for several $200 scholarships to former RMEP participants. These awards will be granted around August of the current year.

In order to be considered for the scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:
1. Must have participated in at least two RMEP Summer Engineering Institute.
2. Must be enrolled or accepted to a four-year accredited college or university.
3. Must select a major in a field of engineering or engineering technology. Consideration will also be given to students pursuing degrees in physical science (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology etc.) or mathematics.
4. Complete and submit an application.
5. Submit, with the application, the following:
o One letter of reference from someone that can speak about your academic performance and potential.
o A work history summary or resume.
o A short (250 words or less) statement, prepared by you, on how engineering or technology will impact society in the next 25 years.
o An official transcript from the school or university you are currently attending.

After a review of all of the submitted material, the Scholarship Committee will select several finalists and may conduct a personal interview.
All scholarship applicants will be notified as to the status of their applications no later than September 1st.
All material must be received at the RMEP P.O. Box by May 1st of the current year for consideration.

Applicant Information
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High School Information
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Other Information
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Which College or University do you plan to attend? *
What is your intended major field of study? *
A short (250 words or less) statement, prepared by you, answer one of the following: 1. What can be done to encourage student interest and participation in STEM? 2. How can science be used to improve our world today? *
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