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Wednesday, February 28 12pm - 1pm EST The Potential for Silvopasture
Learn about different combinations of animals, trees, livestock from around the world with Steve Gabriel Brett Chedzoy !!!PLEASE EMAIL FOR LINK REGISTRATION THROUGH FORM IS CLOSED!!!

Monday, March 5 12 - 1pm EST Climate Change and Silvopasture
Eric Toensmeier discusses carbon science and Steve Gabriel shares drought-proofing benefits of silvopasture

Wednesday March 14 12pm - 1pm EST Tree Fodders: Willow, Black Locust, Mulberry, Poplar
Steve Gabriel shares the latest research one the most promising trees for feeding animals in silvopasture.

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3/5 Climate Change and Silvopasture *
3/14 Tree Fodders: Willow, Black Locust, Mulberry, Poplar *
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