Open Studio Summer Program 2022 Registration
Welcome to Summer 2022 with the Open Studio. We are very excited to get back to work and to have an amazing summer planned for your children.

I. ANAFIM: Our Classic Creativity Camp Program for ages 6-10 (located at 9 Tzippora Street, in Jerusalem)
II. NITZANIM: Our Artist as Mentors Program for teens and pre-teens ages 11-16 (located in mentor artist studios throughout Jerusalem.

After this form is complete, we will send you an invoice. Please make sure your email is correct when filling out this form. Your space will not be reserved until payment is made. Space is limited. If we are full by the time you register, we will notify you and give you the option to be added to our waiting list.

Please submit a separate form for each child and feel free to email us with your questions at 

COVID CONSIDERATIONS - Some of our policies have changed. Please read the last section carefully.

יש למלא טופס נפרד לכל ילד.
לשאלות נא להתקשר -054-626-8496 או לשלוח מייל לדוא"ל -l
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Child's Teudat Zehut or foreign Passport No. - מס' תעודת זהות או מספר דרכון של הילד
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Family Doctor (name & phone) - רופא משפחה - שם ומס' טלפון
Kupat Cholim - (Insurance company) קופת חולים *
 Any known medical conditions, or behavioral issues, allergies, etc. - אלרגיות או בעיות בריאות - כמו סכרת וכד' *
Does your child take any medications? If so, which ones and when?
Do you need Early Drop off (from 8:30) additional 50nis per week (free for Full Day registrants)
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Afternoon Program צהרון - Do you need an afternoon program? Note: The program will run from 2-3:30pm and will be outdoors in Park Lifshitz (a block from the studio). There will be an additional snack provided, a counselor running activities and free play. Pick up will be from the park. (200nis per week)
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Language - שפה *
Camp will be in a private studio on Tsiporra Street, (exact location provided upon registration).
Price includes snacks, supplies, a T-shirt and trip (security considerations taken) will be included. Campers bring their own lunch.  
Prices are per week, in NIS, for Short Day (9am-2pm) and Full Day (8:30-15:30). The “Multi-Week/Sibling Discount” applies to families registering for a total of 3 weeks or more and the discount applies to all campers in one family.

1 week - 870nis
3 or more weeks per family - 780 per week
refund for the week of TishaBaav - (only 4 days of camp) 100nis

Additional costs
Early Drop off only (8:30-9am): 50nis per week
Afternoon Program (200nis per camper per week)
AGES 6-10 Which session(s)?
Groups - feel free to name someone that your child would like to be grouped with. We can only honor this if both friends request each other.
These workshops will be taking place in the studios of our Mentor Artists in the artist colonies of Hutzot HaYotzer or the Jerusalem House of Quality. Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED (usually groups are only 6-8 participants). Each artist will be offering their program twice.

Hour:s 10am-1pm, prices are listed under individual sessions. While you register on this form, payment is made directly to the artist mentor. Once registered, you will receive an email with payment information. Your child's space is guaranteed only once payment is complete.

Discounts -The Artist Mentors set the prices for their own workshops. They are offering fair and competitive prices for their time. Therefore, unfortunately, we are not able to offer discounts for these sessions.

Week 1: July 3-7
MOSAICS w/Roochie Sinai @ Hutzot HaYotzer

Week 2: July 10-14
DESIGN, COLOR, CALLIGRAPHY w/Sharon Binder @ Hutzot HaYotzer

Week 3: July 17-21
METALURGY & SILVER w/Michal Ben Ami @ Jerusalem House of Quality

Week 4: July 24-28
GLASS SCULPTURE & MOSAICS w/Leonid Kritsun @ Jerusalem House of Quality

Week 5: July 31-Aug 4
MOSAICS w/Roochie Sinai @ Hutzot HaYotzer

Week 6: Aug 8-11
METALURGY & SILVER w/Michal Ben Ami @ Jerusalem House of Quality
DESIGN, COLOR, CALLIGRAPHY w/Sharon Binder @ Hutzot HaYotzer

Week 7: Aug 14-18
GLASS SCULPTURE & MOSAICS w/Leonid Kritsun @ Jerusalem House of Quality
Ages 11-16 Which Sessions?
Camp Policies תקנון הקייטנה
Cancellation Policy:
For cancellation more than 2 full weeks before the start of the session, there is a fee of 200 NIS.
Cancellations 2 full weeks or less before the start of the session will not be refunded. Children asked to leave camp due to behavior issues will not be refunded.

Corona Considerations:
-No refunds will be given in the event that camp will need to be cancelled or if a participant or participants need to go into isolation as the result of a covid-19 exposure.

I have read and agree to the terms, conditions and cancellation policy above (initial below) *
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