AVS User Experience Survey
This survey is intended to give the staff at AVS feedback to help improve our courses. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve.
Which course at AVS did you complete most recently? *
How did you find the visual appearance and navigation in this course? *
How could we improve the course? *
Feedback and Communication from the teacher was ..(check all that apply) *
The course workload was … *
How long did it take you to complete the course? *
What do you think impacted your ability to complete the course? *
In general, the assignments were … (check all that apply) *
In relation to the exams and/or final assessments/projects… (check all that apply) *
When do you work on your course(s)? (check your top two if you have more than one selection) *
What I enjoyed about the course was ... *
Working independently
Working at a personal pace conducive to my learning needs
Accessing the course at any time of day/night (flexibility)
Receiving feedback on assignments/quizzes
Having the opportunity to resubmit assignments
Learning to navigate the course
Earning badges
How satisfied are you with your experience at Abbotsford Virtual School? It has been a/an ________________ experience. *
Any additional thoughts or comments?
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