Solopreneur / Entrepreneur Group
Location: Central PA, Harrisburg and surrounding cities specifically.

The intention of this group is to bring together entrepreneurs for comradery, mentorship, and idea sharing. It is not to "grow your business" or "bring you referrals." It is purely for business owners to gather and talk about struggles, successes, and new ideas. It would be an opportunity for people to share tips, suggestions, and stories from how they moved onward and upward.

Depending on the level of interest, we may have different groups so that people are paired with their peers and the gatherings aren't too large or overwhelming. The purpose of this group is to develop colleagues, not new sales funnels for your business.

This group would be open to all people from all backgrounds and industries who are looking for real, genuine connection with other business owners. 

P.S. If you are looking for a referral group in the area, there are many! I would be happy to send you a list. Just shoot me an email:
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