3rd Grade Program

The intent of this form is to gather information about your child as well as your interest in participating in this show. I will use this information to make sure I'm not scheduling a kid to sing a solo or present a speaking part if they won't actually be able to attend both the daytime and evening performance.

Student's Name (Last, First) *
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Student's Teacher *
Your preferred email address: (This is how I will send you your child's part assignment.) *
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(Intended to be used for families that live in separate households)
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Will your student be able to participate in both the 2:30 and 6:00 PM show on April 26th?
Please tell me any musical, theatrical, or dance experience your child may have.
(I'm interested in any talents or abilities that could be showcased in this performance!)
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Are you willing to help find costume pieces for your child?
I'll need some parent volunteers for this show. If you're interested in assisting, please provide me with your name and email address.
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Are you willing to help your child memorize lines, solos or dances?
If you're interested in assisting me, please select the ways you'd like to be involved:
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form! Please use this box to provide me with any additional information you'd like me to know!
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Did your child have a featured moment in last year's show at DCC? (lines, solo, duet, dance, etc.)
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