Moving image submission for the Dingle IFF 2019
Dingle International Film Festival in partnership with the MexIndex will exhibit a selection of visual arts moving images in a cinema context for their 13th Film Festival in 2019.
This will be a curated programme of visual art films from artists working in Ireland and artists connected to the peninsula, creating a cinematic experience for moving image, and giving the wider audience the opportunity to experience moving image by visual artists.

There is no entry fee.

1. Selected artists will be paid VAI approved fees and will be invited as guests with full festival accreditation and 1 night’s accommodation in Dingle.

2. The programme of Irish artist’s moving images will be made by a MExIndex selection panel.

3. A digital cinema package of the selected artists work will be made and be screened in The Phoenix Cinema during Dingle IFF 2019. The screening will be followed by a moderated Q&A with the attending visual artists.

4. Selected artists will need to be able to supply a QUICKTIME compatible file with preference for the higher quality ProRes codecs of their work to the festival. With the assistance of EGG Post Production, the Festival will make the DCP for cinema exhibition with this file.

5 Submission closes at noon on the 9th November 2018. Selected artists will be notified by November 30th.

6. Dingle International Film Festival will talk place March 21-24 2019

The MExIndex complies with the GDPR.
By completing this form and returning it, the artist confirms that:
1 Where the work/s is/are approved by visiting curator(s), the details listed here (other than those used for administration purposes only) can be published as public data on the MExIndex website.
2 The details listed here (other than those used for administration purposes only) can be used for the promotion of the artist's work and of the Dingle International Film Festival and the MExIndex (copyright remains the property of the artist).

Information listed for MExIndex administration purposes is kept private: eg film passwords, email etc. It is shared only with visiting curators and scholars for the purpose of study and/or selection for exhibitions and/or screenings.
A request will be sent to the artist in the event of a moving image work being selected for publication in the MExIndex , screenings or exhibitions.

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