Mysterious Paradise Event ~ Stage Application
Thank you for your interest in supporting our real-life animal charity event by contributing your talent as a DJ, Live Singer, or by acting as a Host for the event.

Last year's event raised more than 90,000$L for World Animal Protection! We contribute that success to the selfless dedication, and contribution of all the staff, DJs, hosts, SL community and of course our sponsors like TLC Home Collection, Blueberry, Strawberry Singh, 3D Trees, Love Nature Landscaping by FelixvonKotwitz, Figure8, Patron, Cerridwen's Cauldron, Surfer's Bay, Sources, Evhah, Mysterious Designs, Havana at Del Renee Villas, Grandeur Décor, Love Lace Designs, An@rchy Ink, Popsugar, & The Boardwalk.

Please visit our Flickr group page for photos of our last event:

~ Event Dates & Times ~
✿ JULY 2019
✿ Saturday 20th, 2pm-10pm SLT
✿ Sunday 21st, 12pm-4pm SLT

~ DJs and Live Artist Information and Requirements ~
✿ Individual sets will last for one hour each and start on the hour.
✿ DJs and Live Artists should arrive at the venue at least 10 mins before their scheduled start time
✿ Everyone involved in the event, including members of the Mysterious Paradise Management Team, volunteer their time and effort freely and with no payment.
100% of monies received during the event will go to our charity, World Animal Protection
✿ No personal tip jars will be allowed with all tips going to the charity.
✿ Personal group sign-ups at the event will be allowed.
✿ All songs played or performed during your set must be in English.
✿ If you are speaking on the mic, you must encourage the audience to donate to our charity, and name check our stores where 100% of sales go towards our charity, World Animal Protection
✿ You can either use your own stream or use ours. Help will be available at the event to set streams.
✿ If you do not know how to use our Shoutcast system, you may simply change the land settings
✿ Speaking on a mic is not a requirement but it is preferred if you do so.

~ Host Information and Requirements ~
✿ You must be at least 5 months old in SL and must have experience working at a club or similar location.
✿ Greet as many guests as possible during your allocated shift time.
✿ Interact with guests using more than just gestures, you must also have conversations with guests, talking to them about the event and our charity, encouraging them to donate.
✿ Be present at the venue a minimum of 5 mins prior to the scheduled shift start time
✿ Hosts will not have permission to send Mysterious Paradise group notices. This is to avoid group members being overloaded with notices due to the number of different performances taking place with 8 performing sets on Saturday and another 4 on Sunday. Instead, we ask that you to promote the event in your other groups, friend's lists, second life events ( and anything else that's suitable.
✿ No personal tip jars will be allowed with all tips going to the charity.

This is a prestigious event and there is always a lot of interest in supporting our charity and helping to protect real-life animals. Please do not be offended if you apply but are unsuccessful on this occasion as there are only a limited number of sets available during the two days. Please feel welcome to re-apply for our next event.

If you are interested in being involved and supporting our charity in protecting real-life animals please complete the application form below without delay:

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