Song of Ice and Fire
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Fire Ecology
Use the TEDEd Video (Why Wild Fires are Necessary) and the Nature.Com article: The Ecology of Fire ( to answer the following series of questions.
TEDEd - Why Wild Fires are Necessary
1. Explain three reasons why fires are important for the maintenance of healthy ecosystems *
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2. Explain two of the negative effects fires can have for ecosystems
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3. What effect have humans had on the scale and frequency of wildfires? What are the positives and negatives of their effect? *
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Glacial Ecology
Read the two articles by the Utah Geological Society ("Ice Ages - What are they and what causes them? and Utah's Pleistocene Fossils: Keys for assessing climate and environmental change and answer the following series of questions below.
4. What is an Ice age and what causes it to occur? *
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5. What effect does the pattern of glacial growth and retreat have on the speciation of the planet? How do fossils act as records for this?
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