In compliance with the Children’s Online Protection and Privacy Act of 1998 (COPPA), Ridge Christian Academy is asking for your permission to set up a school account with Google for your child (6th grade-12th grade). These accounts will help minimize paper usage and costs to parents on school supplies needed for the computer lab and technology education. Every parent will be given their students’ log in and password. All student information will be kept private and only used in our school with Google Apps for Education. No ads or solicitation is allowed on Google for Education accounts. Each student account will have access to Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts for Education, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Gmail within Google for Education. Ridge Christian Academy will remain owner and moderator of all student accounts. Please fill out and sign the following form:

I__<Parents name>___________ give permission to Ridge Christian Academy to create a Google for Education account for my child,____<student name>_______. My child is/is not 13 years of age as of 9/1/17 and his/her birthday is _______<date>__________. I understand that the owner ship of my child’s Google for Education account remains the sole property of Ridge Christian Academy, and that under no circumstances will my child’s information be shared with third party affiliates of Google. This permission must be given every year to ensure my students safety and privacy.

Parent signature <PIN> Date <Date Submitted>
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