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Which machine learning frameworks have you used in the past? (e.g. torch, tensorflow, keras.js, scikit learn etc.)
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What motivated you to use Tensorflow.js? Describe any previous experiences or frustrations with other resources/tools that motivated you to now try Tensorflow.js.
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What were you hoping to accomplish with Tensorflow.js?
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Please describe what has been easy to use in Tensorflow.js.
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Describe the pain point(s) you’ve faced while using Tensorflow.js.
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What do you hope to do with Tensorflow.js in the near future? (e.g. desired applications or use cases)
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What new features would you like to see us implement in Tensorflow.js?
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The next few questions are for people who are new to machine learning
Why are you interested in learning ML?
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If you are new to machine learning, in what ways have you tried to learn ML prior to Tensorflow.js?
What key hurdles have you faced in trying to learn ML?
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Please compare and contrast other ML learning resources to Tensorflow.js.
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