Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Competency Quiz
Please complete and submit this competency quiz by September 8, 2017
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Which disease is not bloodborne? *
Bloodborne pathogens may enter your blood stream via: *
Wearing gloves is one of the most important personal protective measures for preventing an exposure to blood borne pathogens. *
If you wear gloves when cleaning up blood or body fluids, it is not necessary to wash your hands afterwards. *
If antiseptic wipes or gels are used, it is not necessary to wash your hands afterwards.
Personal Protective Equipment includes which of the following? *
Observing "Universal Precautions" means treating all blood and body fluids as if infectious. *
When cleaning up a blood borne pathogen spill, which of the following should you NOT do? *
You should complete the "Employee Incident Report" form if you have been exposed to blood borne pathogens. *
A person with a blood borne pathogen will always look sick. *
A student, Maria, comes to you with a bloody nose. She is upset and needs your assistance cleaning up. Would you: *
Check the correct response:
What would be the next thing that you would do? *
You notice that Maria has dripped blood down the hall. Would you: *
Check the correct response:
Thank you for taking the time to take the Bloodborne Pathogens training.
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