Alumni Application form for the Helsinki 2020 Summit
Please carefully read the instructions and fill in the application form.

The deadline for the application is the 23rd of August, 2020.


Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue (TMDD) is a network of diverse migrant and refugee leaders and community organizers from Europe and the United States working and growing together since 2016. We, members of TMDD network, strive for just, inclusive, vibrant and diverse democracies in Europe and the US that function for ALL PEOPLE— in which migrants and refugees are full participants.

So far, TMDD has organized 3 Democracy Summits in Europe: Hamburg (2017), Dublin (2018) and Athens (2019). Currently, the TMDD family is around 140 members strong! Due to Corona, this year, we are organizing TMDD’s 4th Democracy Summit online. The Summit will kick off with workshop sessions to be held between September 15 -18th and the closing will take place in November (Date TBA). In between, we will organize case-specific group sessions which we strongly encourage participants to attend. Participants will also have the chance to have thematic one-on-one discussions with experienced community organizers throughout the Autumn.

As per previous summits, we will have three main themes for the September workshops: Community organizing (that is sustainable), Strategic communication (working on narratives and campaigns) and Political participation (representation and power). The overarching theme for this year’s summit is Alliance Building.
The goal of Democracy Summit is to connect migrant organizers and leaders across the Atlantic to share good practices, learn from each other, and grow. TMDD events are organized to strengthen our network so we can join forces and create joint actions. Our mission is to strengthen democracies by collectively building powerful movements and communities across Europe and the US.


Phase I of the summit will take place between the 15th -18th of September 2020, and the summit's closing days are the 19th and the 20th of November. In between the first and final phases of the summit we will have group sessions and an online platform for interaction, discussion, chat, etc. We want all applicants to be able to commit fully to the first and final phase of the summit as well as be active in the online forums in between.

The online discussions, working groups and keynote speeches will take place late afternoon Central European Time. The sessions will last a maximum of 3 hours per day.
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You can apply for our next Democracy Summit by uploading your 90 second video to YouTube by the 5th of August, 2020 and pasting a link to this form.

If you have any questions regarding the application procedure please contact Fon, the summit coordinator, at this e-mail or on FaceBook messenger:

In your video tell us:
1. Your full name
2. Country of residence
3. Country of birth / nationality
4. Name of the organisation you are affiliated with (if you are part of an organisation)
5. Which TMDD Democracy summit you have attended before
6. Pick one of the questions below and answer it in your video:

A. How have you adopted the tools and/or new skills you have learned from the previous Democracy Summit in your organisation and/or to your later work?

B. Have you jointly worked/cooperated with anyone you have met through TMDD? Tell us briefly the details of your joint venture/project.

C. Establishing a sustainable transatlantic network among migrant and refugee leaders is essential. What is your motivation in joining this network? What can you bring in?

You can decide yourself whether you want your video to be public or unlisted!
Your video title should be ‘Your country of residence’ ‘Name’ ‘Surname’, e.g.: Finland Valisa Krairiksh

(If you already know how to upload and share a YouTube video, you may ignore the instructions below!)

You can use your phone to take the video, then upload it directly to YouTube

Here are some useful tips:

If you wish to edit your video (optional!) after you’ve taken it, here are some apps you can use:


Uploading the video

1. Activate the phone’s Wi-Fi.
The best way to upload a video is to turn on the Wi-Fi connection. You can use the 4G signal, if you have a 4G phone, but you see a warning about data usage surcharges, which is a distinct possibility when you upload a video.

2. On your phone, view the video you want to upload.

3. Touch the Share button, and choose YouTube from the menu.
If you don’t have the YouTube app, you can first download it from the Google Play store or the AppStore for free.

4. Fill in the blanks to describe the video.
Type the video’s title, replacing whatever random text (if any) is put there by the phone.
Your video title should be ‘Your country of residence’ ‘Name’ ‘Surname’, e.g.: Finland Valisa Krairiksh

5. Specify whether to make the video public or unlisted.
We recommend making the video unlisted. This way, only people you send the link to can access the video.
If you make it private, only you will be able to see it.
If you make it public, anyone can search for and find your video online.

6. Touch the Upload button.
Your video will continue to upload, even if your phone falls asleep.

7. Your video is now on YouTube. You can copy the link to the video and share it!
To view your video, open the YouTube app on the App menu, press your google account button, and choose ‘Your channel.’ Your video should appear in the Uploads list.
Tap on the video and the ‘share’ button will appear at the top of the screen. Here, you can select ‘copy link’ and paste it into your application.
If you have trouble uploading your video, e-mail Fon, the summit coordinator at for support.
You can also contact her via FaceBook messenger:
1. Your full name *
2. Current country of residence *
3. Country or countries of origin *
4. Name of the organisation you are affiliated with (if you are part of an organisation) *
Website of the organization
 5. Which TMDD Democracy summit have you previously attended? *
Please paste your YouTube video link here *
The TMDD recruitment team will get back to you as soon as we have made a decision about your application!

Alumni are encouraged to recommend other community organizers to apply. The application for new participants will be opened shortly.
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