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The Desert Island Questions
You will spend the rest of your days alone on a desert island. You can bring a lifetime supply of one each of the following. Name them.
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Assume a plentiful supply of drinking water exists on the island.
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As little as possible
I give maximum effort
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In one paragraph, tell me about something you have learned, seen or heard that you will never forget.
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What is the weirdest thing about you? *
C'mon, we all have some weird habit or behavior! What's yours? (I'll tell mine.)
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The 201C Constitution & Bill of Rights
I will always treat you with respect, courtesy, and kindness. Please give me that back. Same goes for your classmates.

You will be trusted to do the right thing. That includes academic integrity, and your treatment of others. Please do not disturb anyone's peace. Be gentlemen and ladies, and be a positive part of this great school.

I will read for understanding the 201C Constitution. *
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