SB/VC Hash House Harrier's 21st Anal “Sun’s Out! Buns Out!” Campout, June 21st - 23rd
Where Marshmallows, Weenies, and Hashers Get Toasted at the Same Time!

For complete campout details, go to or advance to the month of June in the calendar.

PRICE: $95 from April 23 thru May 22 • $105 from May 23 thru June 19
*Includes parking for both days.
*Selections for shorter stays or to just do the main hash on Saturday are listed in the form.

Please note that:
— Rego closes at midnight on June 19.
— Your rego is NOT complete until payment is received. Payment instructions are in the form.
— As this is an alcohol-guzzling, apparel-neglecting event, only persons 21 years of age or older may attend.

To RSVP, answer the questions below, hit "Submit", then send me the cash. Once funds are RECEIVED, I will add your name to the "Who's Cumming" list (

*You can reuse your email address for additional RSVPs as many times as you like.

*Disclaimer: This is a Hash House Harriers gathering.  As such, it is not sponsored by any legal entity, and you are each responsible for your actions and all repercussions that result.  We are merely a group of like-minded friends coming together to have some awesome times in the outdoors. Monies collected pay for all the food, drink, materials, and campsite-imposed fees for all that is outlined below.  Not one of us receives anything (including monies, gifts, sexual favors, "barnyard fun", or ANYTHING AT ALL) and everyone, including those coordinating the campout, pays their fair share.  In fact, the primary coordinator of the campout will most likely go in the hole (normally a plus when we're not referring to money ;-) ) for expenses incurred. ***If you have absolutely no idea what hashing is and stumbled upon this form by accident while searching for bunny porn or whatever, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS CAMPOUT!!!***

Questions? Problems with this form? Email me at

We hope to see you there!

On On,

Projectile Dog Shit, Max Lode, McNasty, and Hello Penis My Old Friend

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Will you be attending the entire weekend or Sat/Sun Only? *
If you choose "other", talk to me about pricing. Gimmes will be included with every adult rego - no exceptions. Parking fee is not included in the below prices. Rego will close at midnight on 3 July.
Meal Preference *
How will you be paying? *
*Note: Your rego is not complete and your name will not be added to the "Whos' Cumming" list until payment is received. Sorry, but I'll not be accepting checks in envelopes postmarked after June 10th or in person after June 12th. No payments will be accepted the day of the event. You must pay in advance. We have much shit to buy for you wanks.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?
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Official "You're responsible for your own dumbass actions" Statement:
By submitting this RSVP form, I am acknowledging that I understand the following: “Hashing” is an activity which involves running, walking, climbing, and crawling on all types of terrain and under all types of conditions, including but not limited to, darkness, heat, cold, rain, mud, and snow. I also understand that Hashing involves the consumption of alcohol (if you so choose) before, during, and after each run. I acknowledge that Hashing is an inherently HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY and involves a significant risk of great bodily and physical injury and/or death. I also acknowledge that other persons or persons participating in the SB/VC Hash House Harrier's 21st Anal “Sun’s Out! Buns Out!” Campout (hereafter referred to simply as "Campout") may endanger me by their idiotic and often drunken conduct. I expressly assume all risks associated with participating in the Campout without reservation or limitation. I agree to hold harmless and not hold legally responsible any and all persons, and not sue, or make any claim whatsoever, for any reason, including, but not limited to, the negligence of any party, all participating Hash House Harriers (H3) kennels, any of their members or officers, any organizer of the Campout, or any other person or persons, for any injury, including death, loss or damage to person or property, or any other consequence arising from my participation in Campout, as none of the above stated are legal entities/enterprises/corporations, or other for-profit, not-for-profit, or non-profit organizations, but only a group of goofballs seeking to have a little fun in their lives before it's all over. I furthermore intend this waiver and agreement to specifically bind my heirs or assigns or any other person seeking to enforce or exercise any rights in conjunction with my participation in the Campout. I understand that my participation Campout is contingent upon my execution of this waiver, and I hereby freely choose to participate with an understanding of all risks to my person or property. *
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