NWA Talent Development Survey
What industry do you work in? *
How many years of experience do you have? *
How long have you lived in NWA? *
How many learning and development programs have you attended this year? *
From these learning and development programs, how much have you applied at work? *
If you didn't implement at least “more than half” of what you learned in the learning and development programs, what kept you from doing so?
Do you feel you were adequately supported by your employer in implementing/practicing the things you learned in your learning and development programs? *
Would you participate in/prefer learning and development programs that included follow up engagement in 3, 6, 9 months after the initial program? *
What learning topics interest you the most? *
Do you feel like you have access to learning and development opportunities when you need it? *
How would you prefer to receive your learning and development? *
What’s the right amount of time for a learning and development program delivered by a facilitator? *
Where do you prefer to receive learning and development? *
How do you feel about the employee displacements that have taken place in NWA? *
Do you have a family member or a friend who has been displaced from their job? *
Do you think the reorganizations and employee displacements in NWA will continue? *
Are you concerned of being displaced from your job due to a future reorganization?  *
How would you rate the effectiveness of the outplacement services provided to the employees who are displaced? *
Is a regional service focused on helping displaced employees transition to new jobs in the region needed? *
What services do you think displaced employees need most? *
Do you have multiple sources of income? *
If yes, what are your other sources of income?
If you don’t have multiple sources of income, are you actively searching for some?
If yes, which additional income opportunity(s) are you interested in?
Would you recommend NWA to your family/friends outside of NWA? *
Do you believe you can grow your career in NWA? *
What are the strong attributes of NWA? *
What are the poor attributes of NWA? *
Do you currently have an active mentor? *
If no, what keeps you from having a mentor?
Are you an active mentor? *
If no, what keeps you from mentoring?
Do you currently have an active network of colleagues from various organizations and communities in NWA? *
Where do you prefer to network? *
When do you prefer to engage learning and development opportunities? *
Do you think a regional service offering a variety of learning and development opportunities for all employees is needed in NWA? *
If yes, what learning and development services should be offered?
If yes, how should access to the regional services be granted?
Are you active in volunteer service? *
If yes, what type of volunteer service?
Do you leverage volunteer service for learning and development? *
Would you be interested in learning how to leverage volunteer service for learning and development? *
What's the best way to reach you if we have follow up questions for you? *
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