Registration Form - Welcome East Motorcycle Show 2018
Hey sleazy rider, guess what!? You're in!

Don't think of this as an application, instead, its a registration form. This show is about everyone being able to show their bikes off and talk a little shop. This registration form simply helps us plan ahead.

THIS YEAR - forms submitted prior to Monday September 17th will be printed to an informational placard to display along with your bike. Submissions after Sept. 17th are still accepted, but you'll need to fill out a placard upon arrival. No big.

Got more than one machine you'd like to show off? No problem! There is NO LIMIT on how many motos you can enter!

NICE. So now's your chance. Tell us your story....

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Who's ride?
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Are you affiliated with a shop, club, crew, or flying solo?
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Any nick names for this thing?
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Although you cannot submit photos via this form, this would be a great place to link to any photos you already have hosted on the internet.. Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive... share some photos with us!
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Tell us about you and your bike. Original owner? Big time customization? Rode across country? Totally stock? We're interested, and we're listening, and event attendees will be really eager to know more about your machine... so, talk to me:
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