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Was presentation/station extremely organized and well-prepared. Did it seem well-practiced and thought-through?
Interactive *
Presenters did an amazing job in creating a hands-on or interactive experience that made the experience transformational for participants.
Presence *
Participants made to feel very welcome and comfortable. Presenter was very aware of the space and the participants.
Appearance *
Exceptional care and planning are evident in the visual aspect of the workshop/station. Visual aids are pivotal and highly effective in helping participants absorb content.
Choreography *
Presentation is choreographed for transformational effect on the participants; it not only flows, but is highly engaging; participants are inspired.
Expertise *
Presenter appears to be an expert in this area.
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Please consider providing presenters/stations some comments. People love to hear what folks liked about their stations and presentations, and everybody can use some constructive feedback about improvement.
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