Zuchini 500 Sign-up, Waiver, and Photo Release
ZUCCHINI 500 Rules:

1. REGISTARATION closes when races are at capacity OR at 10:00AM on Sunday July 23rd; whichever
comes first.

2. DIMENSIONS: Zucchini cars can be as simple or as outrageous as you like, but they must fit
into the tracks. We recommend Scout Kub Kar kits which are designed to fit the track. Kits are available by donation at market or Minotaur Game & Gifts.

OR Follow these measurement guidelines for the wheelbase:

a. There is a minimum 1cm (3/8”) clearance between zucchini and track
b. Outside width of wheels must be no more than 7.0cm (2 3⁄4")
c. Inside axle/wheel width must be no less than 4.5cm (1 3⁄4”)

3. PLEASE BE AVAILABLE BETWEEN 11:00AM and 12:00PM ON RACE DAY. During the races you will be asked to line up with the other racers in your heat. There will be a brief introduction for each racer – please make sure you are available for when the call comes. Please be available between 12:00PM and 1:00PM for the grown-up races.

4. IDENTIFICATION: Please leave a space where we can pin a small paper number about the size of a quarter to your car. Please give your zucchini racer a name - we will ask for it on race day.

5. Have fun making and racing your zucchini car!

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