Helena Area Summer Jobs Program 2021: Host Employer Interest Form
Thanks for your interest in the Helena Area Summer Jobs Program 2021. HSJP promotes work-based learning opportunities by 1) connecting HSJP students with area employers, 2) providing work skills training for the HSJP students, and 3) matching HSJP students with a mentor for the summer. HSJP students are high school students and recent graduates who are interested in growing their work skills and learning more about their career options.

We look forward to working with you to develop the next generation of our workforce!

If you have any questions while completing the form, please contact Gabrielle Eklund Rowley at 406-490-4954 or gerowley@americanjobs4youth.org.

Submission of this form merely expresses interest in participating in the program and will not constitute an obligation to host program participants, nor does it guarantee placements by the HSJP.
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In total, how many HSJP participants would your company/organization like to host for the summer of 2021?
If known at this time, please provide a brief description of the responsibilities or duties each student will perform. (If multiple roles, please describe each by their respective department/area)
Are there any skills/qualifications you seek? (please list each set of skills by the respective department/area)
Is there minimum age requirement for your position(s)? If so, what is the age?
Is a drivers license required for the position?
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Are there any other requirements or details that we should know about?
To maximize learning for HSJP students, we ask HSJP employers to identify both a supervisor and a mentor for the student. These should be two different people. Does your organization have the capacity to provide both a supervisor and a mentor for the student(s)?
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If you answered, "Yes, my organization can provide a mentor for the student," who is likely to be the student's mentor?
What questions do you have regarding HSJP or hosting students right now?
Are you interested in information regarding how you can participate in other workforce development programs or opportunities, such as internships, pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships, etc.?
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