6th Offensive 2019
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- You can only have MAX 3 players per night and MAX 1 substitute (4 people per team) - Each team will have 5 minutes for the Group Stage, 10 for the Semi Finals and 25 for the Finals. NO MORE NO LESS. A timer will be projected on the wall behind you. A buzzer sounds when time is up. - Each audience member has ONE vote. They will be recorded on paper ballots, counted and collected by a neutral party (Probably the Hosts). The team with the most number of audience votes wins. - Registered team members MAY NOT vote if their team is performing. - The decision of the host is final. No whining. No recounts. In the event of a tie the teams in question will elect ONE player to participate in a 'shootout' (a short form 'step out' game). - All proceeds of the competition go to Comedy Café Berlin. - This is meant to be a fun, friendly competition and you should take this seriously :-). - The hosts can assess penalties and make up rules at their discretion.
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Saturdays, January 12th, 19th & 26th 8:30pm - 10pm.
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