TCUK 2019 Proposal Submission Form
Please read these notes before you start to complete the proposal submission form.

Please use this form to submit your proposal for TCUK 2019. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Vendors, please do not use this form to submit details of designated Vendor Presentations (sponsored sessions) which are dealt with through a different procedure.

The instructions aim to provide guidance to ensure that you are providing the best foundation for the programme committee to evaluate your proposal.

If you have a proposal for a topic that can be either a presentation or a workshop, you must submit two separate proposals. Each session type has a different focus and pace, so separate abstracts provide a better basis for evaluating such a flexible proposal.

The closing date for proposals is FRIDAY 12 APRIL 2019.

Speaker Name *
Please give your name. If there are additional speakers, give the name of the first speaker, who is responsible for communicating with other speakers. The first speaker will be the person to whom all correspondence is sent.
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Speaker biography *
Please give a brief biography (up to 175 words). If your proposal is accepted, this biography will appear in the pre-conference blog. If there is more than one speaker, please provide a brief biography for each speaker, however please note that the combined length of all biographies should not exceed 175 words.
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Contact Email *
Please make sure the following email address is valid and is monitored regularly, as we will use it to contact you.
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Contact Phone Number *
Please make sure that the following phone number is valid as we may need to contact you. Please include the country code if you are not in the UK.
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Additional Speakers (if any)
Please give the names of any additional speakers
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Session title *
Please give the title of your session.
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Session type *
Please select whether your proposal is for a workshop (3 hours or 90 minutes) or a presentation (40 minutes). If you have a proposal that can be either a presentation or a workshop, please submit two separate proposals. Each session type has a different focus and pace requiring different abstracts. This will also help the programme committee when reviewing proposals.
Session abstract *
Please give an abstract of your session, up to 300 words. If your proposal is accepted, this text will be included in the conference programme and on the blog. Ensure that your proposal has a clear focus, a clear outline of what the audience can expect, and a clear definition of the main take-away. Explain acronyms or professional/academic terms to avoid misunderstandings. If you are a sponsor proposing a session that is NOT a Vendor Presentation, note that your products or services should be mentioned only briefly and the session must not be construed as a sales presentation.
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Additional information about your session
Please give any additional information about your proposed session, up to 150 words. For example, if you are proposing a workshop session, what will participants be doing during the workshop? Are there prerequisites and do participants need to bring any material to the workshop? This is where you can provide additional details such as how your proposal is relevant for your intended audience, the type of presentation (research, case study, theory, hands-on, etc.), and how it relates to trending discussions on the same or similar topic.
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At what level of practitioner is the session designed for? *
Are you addressing newcomers to the field or experienced practioners? What skill or knowledge level do you expect from the audience? You are welcome to elaborate on whether your level selection applies to overall technical communication skills or to the specific subject of your presentation in the "Additional information about your session" section.
Speaker experience *
Please give your experience as a speaker. We welcome proposals from both new and experienced speakers.
If you have spoken before, but not at a TCUK or ISTC conference, please provide brief details (max. 50 words):
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If you have never spoken before at a conference, have you given presentations before at work or elsewhere? If so, please provide brief details (max. 50 words):
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If you have never spoken at a conference before, would you like some advice or coaching from the TCUK organisers?
Are the speakers planning to attend the full conference? *
Please give your expected attendance at TCUK 2019.
Sponsor relationship *
Are any of the speakers associated with a sponsor company?
If you answered Yes to the previous question, please give the name of the sponsor:
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