Is Your Company Export Ready?
Use this form to determine if your company, product or service is truly ready to expand to the global market. Please rank your readiness on a scale of one (1) to four (4) with four (4) being the highest level for any given question below.

If most of your responses rank at 3-4 for each question, the level of export readiness is extremely high. Contact GRIIT for a detailed review of your assessment, to develop a competitive strategy, and to gain access our growing list of domestically and internationally-based advisors.

If most of your responses fall into the lowest ranking, number one (1), for each question, then the level of export readiness is extremely low. Contact GRIIT to discuss ways to improve your capacity to export.

Thank you!

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How established is your presence in your industry domestically?
How extensive is your current customer sales outreach?
How do you sell and distribute your products/services in the domestic market?
Do you customarily conduct market research and planning for your domestic operations?
To what extent do you advertise and promote your products/services in the domestic market?
Do any of your current managers or staff have export marketing or sales experience?
Has your company received any credible unsolicited inquiries from foreign firms?
Could you promptly fill any new export orders from present inventory or other sources or respond to new service requests from abroad?
How would you handle any new or additional export business within your organization?
What is the current status of your export activity?
Is your top management committed to exporting as a new or expanded area of activity?
How much per year could you afford to spend on export development? (USD)
How long would your management be willing to wait to achieve acceptable export results?
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