Miami Valley Mesh Alliance Survey
All MVMA members are encouraged to complete the following survey. The survey will enable you make comments, raise questions, nominate candidates for MVMA elected offices, and volunteer to lead or serve on MVMA committees. You are welcome to nominate yourself. It is important that you identify yourself on survey submissions wherein you volunteer to serve. You may submit a second survey anonymously, if you wish to make comments or raise questions without attribution.
First... Tell us a little about yourself:
What is your first name?
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What is your last name?
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What are your call letters?
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What is your email address?
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What is your home phone number?
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What is your cell phone number?
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Are you subscribed to the MVMA email list server (
Do you wish to be subscribed to the MVMA email list server?
Please indicate what mesh equipment you own, or plan to buy.
On Air
Not on Air
Plan to purchase
900 MHz Hardware
2.4 GHz Ubiquiti Hardware
3.4 GHz Ubiquiti Hardware
5.8 GHz Ubiquiti Hardware
What do you see, as the primary purpose, of the MVMA Mesh Network?
Who do you nominate for MVMA President?
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Who do you nominate for MVMA Vice President?
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Who do you nominate for MVMA Secretary?
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Who do you nominate for MVMA Treasurer?
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Who do you recommend for a seats on the MVMA Steering Committee (up to three)?
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Please indicate your willingness to serve on each of the following committees... as a leader, or as a committee member.
Volunteer to Lead
Volunteer to Serve
MVMA Charter Committee
MVMA Meeting Planning Committee
MVMA Outreach to Clubs, Organizations, and Individuals
Hamvention Support and Booth Staffing
Network Design, Integration, & Optimization
Network Administration - Day to Day
Develop Community Support - Find Operating Sites
MVMA Equipment Installation Crew
MVMA Operating Site Maintenance & Repair
Equipment Purchase, Storage, Check-Out, Inventory
Book Keeping
Tactical Deployments
Network Operations - Real Time
NCS for Weekly GCARES Mesh Discussion Net
Please provide any comments or recommendations you have regarding MVMA leadership, organization, focus, or direction.
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Please ask any questions you believe should be addressed at this time.
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Thank you for taking the survey. Results of this survey will be made public to the MVMA membership. If you have any questions or comments you wish to submit anonymously, please submit the survey a second time, using an alias or leaving the name/identification section blank. If you have a comment you wish to share with me privately, please send email direct to address below.
Bill Curtice WA8APB
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