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An admin fee of £20 is payable with the submission of your application. 
Preferably by BACS (to avoid fees) to Account No 36942243, Sort Code 01 01 42 using your name as reference
OR By PayPal:
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What are your reasons for wishing to join FACE? *
How long have you been Face painting, either as a professional or amateur? *
How have you acquired your skills as a face painter? Include any courses, workshops, classes, you have attended, if any? *
What types of face painting work have you done in the last 12 months? e.g. parties, local fetes, promotions etc. *
What aspirations do you have as a face painter? *
Which face painters have you worked with, if any? *
1. Which brands of face paint should you use?     *
2. How often should you clean your brushes?       *
3. Do you need to add anything extra to your paint water? *
4. How often should you use a sponge? *
5. Should you wash your sponges? *
6. Would you advise your client to wash face paint off with?                             *
7. What would you recommend a client use to help remove paint staining? *
8. What kind of glitter should you use?                 *
9. What age must a client be to be face painted? *
10. If a client displays any signs of eye, mouth or nose infections, cuts or rashes, what do you do? *
11. How do you check a client for allergies or skin problems before painting them? *
12. When applying paint, glitter, gels, sprays to the face, what must you avoid? *
What disclaimers do you display at your jobs? Please send in a copy or a photo. *
Please give the details of 2 people to act as references; agents, satisfied clients, face painters.

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All the information given by me in this application form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that by becoming a member of FACE The International Face Painting Association, I agree to abide by the Constitution, the Code of Conduct and the Code of Practice. I will not do anything to bring the Association into disrepute. *
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