2021 UNLSA Witness Examination Competition - Registration Form
Congratulations on choosing to compete in the 2021 WitEx Competition!

WitEx is the perfect option for law students looking to supplement their studies, develop Harvey Specter style advocacy skills, build their LinkedIn profile whilst also expanding their knowledge of the rules of of evidence. Participation in the Witness Examination competition will require you to maintain an understanding of the fundamentals of the law of evidence and will allow you to develop confidence in your knowledge of court etiquette and advocacy.

In a mock trial court setting, competitors will be given 1 hour to review a factual scenario and a further 30 minutes to consult with their own witness. After this time has elapsed, it's time to put your advocacy skills to work! Just like a real trial, competitors will be given the opportunity to question their own witness, cross examine their opponents’ witness and attempt to ascertain previously hidden facts which will provide their client with a competitive advantage.

For more information, refer to the UNLSA Competitions Guide accessible on our Facebook page.

Please complete the form below to register. If you have any questions please contact Rachael Mylabathula & Jonty Donald, Directors of Competitions (Advocacy) at advocacy@unlsa.com

Best of luck in the 2021 UNLSA Witness Examination Competition!
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