Huge Teen Summer Camp Registration 2017

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE PUT ON A WAITING LIST- PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION THAT YOU ARE ON THE WAITING LIST- and we will let you know about placement at the latest three days before start of the camp date you'd like.


Welcome to HUGE Teen Program SUMMER CAMP Registration!!

We are offering two ONE week camps back to back.

Camps are Monday-Friday
July 10-14 OR July 17-21

Students can register for half day or all day camp.

All Day (Basics in morning/Special Workshop in afternoon): 9-4pm - $250
Half Day BASICS: 9-12pm - $195
Half Day SPECIAL WORKSHOP with Guest Instructor: 1-4pm - $195

Camp Jam Showcase: Friday 6pm

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