Online “Letter of Support” to request funding from the State Budget for improvements to Oak Harbor’s Riverfront!
The Oak Harbor Development Group has been working hard for the past several years to develop a plan to improve the Riverfront in Downtown Oak Harbor. They recently teamed up with the Village of Oak Harbor to accomplish the installation of the Inter-Urban Overlook Deck, Fire Dock, and Kayak/Canoe Launch. Now, they are trying to move forward with the second phase of the project which includes a new Riverwalk, Amphitheater, Shelter House, lighting, benches, picnic tables, public restrooms, and other decorative walking paths. We believe these improvements will substantially improve the safety and aesthetics of our riverfront/downtown, enhance the enjoyment and activities of our residents and regional visitors, and bolster the area economy. To successfully accomplish such large-scale projects, we need to be included in the 2020 State Capital Budget. To do so, State Legislators would like to see “Letters of Support” signed by the citizens of the local and surrounding communities. We’ve already written the “Letter of Support,” so all we need from you are a couple answers to the questions below which will give us your permission to submit your request for the State to include us in their budget plans.
If we receive enough "Letters of Support" for our project to be included in the State's 2020 Capital Budget, the renderings below show what our riverfront could look like.
3D Rendering of an Aerial View of the Proposed Riverfront Improvements
3D Rendering of a Water Level View
2D Overhead View of the Proposed Riverfront Improvements
Itemized Budget for the Proposed Riverfront Improvements
Do you believe this project would be a positive improvement for our region and that it should be included in the State's 2020 Capital Budget? *
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Mayor Babcock,

I am writing to express my support for The Village of Oak Harbor’s Capital Budget Request to make active living improvements and develop property along the Portage River Waterfront. This project would make $2,000,000 in enhancements to Oak Harbor’s waterfront to facilitate healthy lifestyles in conjunction with the Active Transportation Plan, which is being implemented by the Parks District of Ottawa County. More broadly, this project would encourage future private investment, spur job growth through new and existing Oak Harbor Area businesses, and create another unique waterfront destination in the Lake Erie Region.

As a part of the Oak Harbor Group Master Plan, which is being implemented by the Oak Harbor Development Group, this project was vetted by extensive public input and officially endorsed by many community groups and elected bodies. This project will draw Oak Harbor more tightly into the Lake Erie Shores & Islands region and augment existing regional strengths, which will
provide positive economic and quality of life benefits for the entire area.

I truly believe this project would greatly benefit Oak Harbor as well as its surrounding communities. Therefore, I ask you to convey my encouragements to the members of the Ohio General Assembly to make this invaluable contribution to the Great Lakes region and to all Ohio residents who live, work, and play here.

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Last question... Do you give us permission to include your name and information provided above to Mayor Babcock so he can present this "Letter of Support" to the State Legislators? *
If you have any questions, you may contact Mike Shadoan, Oak Harbor Development Group Chair
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