Hommocks Musical 2019 Actor Registration Form
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Audition day/time
All boys will be auditioning on Tuesday 10/30/18 from 3:00-4:00 pm
Girls should choose a Monday or Tuesday audition day and a 30 minute time slot will be assigned.
Which elementary school did you attend *
I give permission for my child's photograph to be used in the local media or on the Hommocks Musical website to promote and advertise the show. *
I give permission for my child's first name and last initial to be used on the Hommocks Musical website. *
I agree to: Accept the roles/jobs assigned to me without question; To follow all school rules during regular school hours as well as after school rehersal times; To keep current with all school assignments and responsibilities and to notify a staff member if I need extra help; To attend all scheduled rehearsals and meetings; To pre-arrange any absences with the director(s) and understand that more than two unexcused absences will be cause for dismissal from the cast (this does not include absences due to illness); To behave in a mature and responsible manner during all rehearsals and performances; To be financially responsible for any scripts, costumes, or props that are assigned to me; To show respect for all other play participants, including directors and parent volunteers; To understand that non-compliance with these and all rules pertaining to the play could result in dismissal form the cast or crew; To not eat or drink in the auditorium or while in costume. *
Parent Volunteer Information
The Hommocks Musical relies strongly on parent involvement. Please consider signing up for one or more volunteers roles. You will be contacted through email with more specific information once rehearsals are underway.
Backstage Support *
Involves supervising the off-stage actors in the backstage rooms during the show weekend. This work will be during the weekend of the show.
Cast Party *
Involves organizing, setting up, chaperoning, and/or cleaning up the cast party after the final show.
Costumes *
Involves helping to organize, fit, or sew/craft costumes. Sewers and nonsewers needed. This work will primarily be done during after-school and weekend rehearsals, dress rehearsald, and during the weekend of the show.
Hommocks Act-Up *
Involves working with cast and crew on in-school promotions.
House *
Involves ticket sales, refreshment sales. This work will primarily be done during the weekend of the show.
Makeup *
Involves assisting with hair and makeup before dress rehearsals and performances
Media & Promotions *
Involves reaching out to the community and to community media to promote the show.
Program Advertisements *
Involves selling program advertising space.
Program Design *
Involves designing the program.
Set Crafting *
Involves set construction, set painting, prop crafting. Artistic skills are not necessary. This work will primarily be done in the evenings, weekends, and occasional afternoons.
Please consider taking on a bigger leadership role in the Hommocks Musical.
I would consider being a Committee Chairperson for:
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