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Social science professors, non-fiction book reviewers, and social science/economics bloggers are invited to request a copy of Book 1 by the Wicked Problems Collaborative. (Please feel welcome to forward this to interested colleagues.)
WPC Book 1 (ARC Cover)
WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?
Book 1 by the Wicked Problems Collaborative is scheduled for release on September 5, 2016 (Labor Day in the U.S.).
Our first effort looks to help the reader understand inequality from a variety of perspectives, while offering ideas on moving the needle in better directions. "What do we do about inequality?" was written for academic use, but great care was taken to make it an interesting and enjoyable read for a broad audience.
You will not agree with everything in this book--our contributors challenge many popular notions--but you should come away with a more nuanced, rounded perspective as a reward for your effort.
"What do we do about inequality?" takes square aim at one of the defining issues of our time. We hope you'll join us in addressing it.

The book's Table of Contents and contributor bios are available here:
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