Candy Cane 10 Hunt Application
-No Display Names. At all.

-Designer understands they must rez hunt sign & Item. Cannot be done by manager.


-Please read Rules/Requirements prior to applying

-Please name your landmark exactly as you want store name displayed. Remove extra working like "mainstore" or coordinates.

Designer's Name *
The name of the person who will load the gift. If you will receive the gift copy/trans, change the permissions and put it into the contents of the hunt item, then put yourself as the designer.
Your answer
Do not list an alt here. Do not put designer's name. If none leave blank. This person will ensure all steps are completed. (If you need an interpreter, put that person as your manager)
Your answer
Store Name *
Exactly as you want it listed on the blog
Your answer
Store SLurl *
right click your LM in inventory, select "copy SLurl" and paste here.
Your answer
Fair *
Are you interested in a booth at the hunt gateway? The cost will likely be 500L for the length of the hunt for 25 prims. Adjustments can be made for H&G stores. **Details are not yet finalized for the fair.**
Gacha *
Are you interested in having a gatcha? You decide the price.
Read? *
You have read everything above this form and agree to all rules and requirements?
Group *
NAME of avatar who should receive the group invitation. Please do not write anything other than a name here. Write the name even if already in the group. OFTEN CHECKED AVATARS ONLY if alt
Your answer
Prizes *
For whom will you create prizes?
Landmark Sent *
You will not receive a welcome pack until you send your store's landmark to Spooky Mistwallow. The landmark's name should contain only the name of your store.
Anything additional we should know
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