Oaxaca Sacred Mushroom Journey
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What has you interested in this journey?
Travel in Mexico can be unpredictable and certain changes can sometimes occur at the last moment. How do you typically respond to change in the moment?
Do you have any previous experience with indigenous ceremony or journey? Briefly Describe.
This special retreat is a very sacred, small scale experience. We limit the community to an intimate container of deeply reverent, intrepid beings. Deep and thoughtful work goes into the planning and execution of this sacred journey to maintain its spirit-filled integrity. This said, this is not a luxury experience, but a priceless one. Does this feel aligned for you? What attracts you to this type of retreat?
What would you like to get out of the experience of journeying to Oaxaca for sacred- indigenous medicine work?
How is your overall health? Any concerns with altitude, sweat lodges, or steep and downhill walking?
Are you willing to engage in clean, mindful eating for at least 2 weeks prior to the journey? (We will discuss this more, as we will certainly be exploring the culinary offerings of Mexico, with intention and curiosity.)
Are you willing to cleanse your mental and emotional space from violent television, heavy news intake and interpersonal conflict at least two weeks before the journey?
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Share with us how you typically relate in a group setting.
Share with us how you handle conflict and disappointment when it arises.
Are you willing to protect and respect the sacredness and anonymity of indigenous medicine people and practices as well as the sacred medicine held by your facilitators?
Deep shamanic medicine can sometimes offer challenging lessons. Share with us what shadow work means to you. How have you worked with your shadow?
If accepted to the journey group, are you willing and able to commit to the process?
Tell us about your current spiritual practices and how you feel this retreat is aligned with your path.
Is there anything else you would like to share with us in consideration of your application?
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