Faith Wesleyan Church: Church Wide Survey
Please take time to fill out this informational survey.
Your opinion and input will be invaluable to the staff and leadership
as we pray for God's wisdom and direction for FWC.
I. Mission and Vision
Faith Wesleyan Church provides daily spiritual guidance and support throughout the community with messages of hope, healing, love and compassion.
1. What is the mission or purpose of Faith Wesleyan Church
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2. How does Faith Wesleyan Church accomplish the mission or purpose you have stated above? Or, in other words, what is the expectations of every member or regular attender of Faith Wesleyan Church?
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3. When you think of Faith Wesleyan Church what immediately comes to your mind?
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II. Facilities
1. I am proud of our facilities and am very comfortable bringing and inviting guest.
2. I believe our facilities are a good fit for our future needs.
3. I think that it would be good for FWC to think of creative ways for our facilities to be utilized during the week for the community?
5. If I could change two things about our facilities to make them even better they would be:
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6. The two things that I really love about our facilities and hope we never change are:
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7. Any additional comments concerning the facilities of Faith Wesleyan Church:
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III. Small Group/Sunday School Class Involvement
1. I am actively involved in a small group/Sunday school class.
2. I believe it is reasonable to ask everyone at FWC to plug into a small group.
3. I prefer to attend a small group that meets on Sunday Morning.
4. I prefer to attend a small group that meets in a home or somewhere in the community.
5. I like the idea of the small group discussing and going deeper into the Sunday morning message.
6. I prefer the small group going through a curriculum.
7. I believe FWC has a good process in place for plugging new people into existing small groups and starting new small groups.
8. I would like to have specialized discipleship class throughout the year to dig deeper into specific topics or books of the Bible.
9. I have a desire to get involved in a small group, but the two biggest obstacles that are stopping me are:
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10: I believe the number one priority of a small group is to...
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IV. Serving in Ministry (Volunteer Involvement)
1. I believe it is reasonable to ask everyone at FWC, whether member or regular attender, to serve in some capacity.
2. I believe FWC has a good process for communicating opportunities, recruiting, and training new people to serve in different ministry areas.
3. My history at FWC includes me having served in one ore more of the following areas:
4. I am open to serving in areas that aren't my natural areas of giftedness but are necessary.
5. If you have never served in the past, or are not currently serving in any capacity now, what are the two biggest obstacles prohibiting you from serving:
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6. Additional comments concerning volunteer ministry involvement:
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V. Worship
1. I believe our worship through music tunes us to the centrality, weight, and magnitude of Jesus.
2. I find what we sing about compliments the message we hear that Sunday.
3. I can easily read the lyrics on the screen no matter where I sit.
4. I believe the song selection is a good variety.
5. I find the length of time given towards music to be what I am hoping for and expecting most of the time.
6. In a corporate worship environment, which of the following is most important to you? (Select up to 3 answers)
7. I believe that the volume of our music is (select one).
8. Two things that I love about the music ministry are:
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9. If I could improve two things about our worship through music ministry, I would improve:
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VI. Children- Age of Child(ren) (Birth-11) if applicable:
1. I feel comfortable leaving my children in the care of FWC's Children's Ministry.
2. As a parent I feel well informed about the Children's Ministry and what my child(ren) are learning and doing.
3. Based upon my experience I believe that safety and security is a priority at FWC.
4. I believe my child-to-volunteer ratio is sufficient.
5. I believe my child enjoys being a part of the Children's Ministry
6. I personally know of families that no longer attend FWC because of the Children's Ministry.
7. I believe moving our existing school-like environment to a more vibrant. kid-themed area would enhance the experience for our current kids and potentially reach more families.
8. I believe we have an effective check-in process.
9. I believe the most effective and efficient way to communicate with parents who are in service (select one).
10. I think the Children's Ministry does a very good job at the following:
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11. If I could change any two things about the Children's Ministry at FWC, I would change the following things:
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12. Any additional comments about the Children's Ministry at FWC:
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VII. Outreach and Mission
1. I would say that FWC has a defined mission strategy.
2. I would like to see FWC be involved in planting churches (i.e. starting new churches).
3. I would like to see FWC develop an international mission strategy and have opportunities to serve short-term overseas.
4. I believe FWC does a good job of equipping me to live and share my faith.
5. I believe FWC has a good process of providing ways I can get plugged into mission opportunities.
6. I would say that we are not actively trying to reach new people then we are not being true to our nature as God's people (the church).
7. I am open to the idea of FWC creating a business (i.e. daycare, indoor play center, cafe, etc) as a platform to engage and serve the community, especially those who may be reluctant to come to a Sunday service.
8. I believe that being active in ministry of mercy (or social ministries; i.e. homeless shelters, soup kitchens, etc.) is a biblical way to introduce people to and engage in the gospel.
9. Any additional comments concerning outreach and missions:
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VII. Overall Experience and Impressions
1. There is a defined leadership structure at Faith Wesleyan Church
2. I believe that becoming a member and having an official church membership process is important.
3. My impression of FWC is that it is healthy.
4. My impression of the church is that it strives to be excellent and professional in all that it does.
5. My impression of the church is that it strives to meet people where they are and accept them for who they are.
6. My impression of the church is that it is interested in growth.
7. My impression of the church is that it is a place where people can grow in their faith and walk with God.
8. I feel that I have grown spiritually as a direct result of being involved at FWC
9. I leave our Sunday morning corporate gathering refreshed and excited about Jesus and what He is doing in the church, in me, and in the world.
10. I feel a new person or visitor could easily enter into a relationship with Christ in our Sunday morning worship environment.
11. It would make me uncomfortable if FWC became a larger church.
12. I am willing to do "whatever it takes" (biblically speaking) to see FWC be the church God desire her to be.
Church's Name
1. I like the church's name: Faith Wesleyan Church
2. I have always identified myself Wesleyan.
3. Although I positively label myself as Wesleyan, I believe that label restricts us from reaching other people.
4. I believe people are moving away from labels
5. I would be uncomfortable if the church changed any part of their name.
6. In conversations, I refer to our church as Faith.
7. I believe FWC has a good reputation (name) in the community
8. I believe FWC has a solid foundation of ministry in the community, I believe the history of FWC has potentially tainted our reputation in the community.
9. Any additional comments concerning the name of Faith Wesleyan Church
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How many years have you been attending FWC?
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Please take a moment and list for us the top three things you love about FWC:
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List the top three things you would change about FWC - if you haven't already shared them:
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If there is anything else you would like to share with us about your experience at FWC, please feel free to do so in the space provided below. You can share a concern, question, praise or suggestion. Any and all input is much appreciated!
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Thanks so much for taking time sharing your thoughts!
If you would like to be contacted with more information about small groups or serving in a ministry area, please call us at 989.835.5061 or email us at
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