Cedar Mountain Community Center Survey

Come One, Come All!

The Cedar Mountain Community Center hosts a variety of events for residents, non-residents and visitors throughout the year. The Center is a great place to get to know, and be a part of, the Cedar Mountain Community. Feel free to stop by and join the community for food, fun and various events.

Your feedback on this survey will help the Cedar Mountain Community Center (CMCC) improve and tailor our offerings to meet our community's needs. Please read and answer each question honestly. It should take about 5 minutes.

Your answers will be anonymous. 

Any question with a red * after the question mark are required to move on.

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1. Are you a native of Transylvania County ? *
2. Are there children under the age of 18 living in your household? *
3. Are there working adults in your household ? *
4. Are the scheduled events at CMCC convenient considering work schedules?
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5.  How can we change our event schedules to accommodate your work schedules so you are able to participate?
6. If you have children, what ages are your children? And what youth activities and programs would you like to see offered?
7. Are there adults over the age of 60 living in your home?  *
8. If you are over 60. What types of programs and activities would you like to see at CMCC?
9. What activities have you participated in at CMCC? Check all that apply. *
10. Have you sponsored or attended a private event at CMCC
11. How would your rate your experience of CMCC programs on a scale of 1 poor - 5 excellent - NA *
Flea Market
Women's center fund raiser
Crock pot cook off
Annual barbecue dinner fund raiser
Auction Scholarship fund raiser
Arts and crafts show
Monthly pot luck with program speaker
Tae Kwon Do classes
Mah Jong Tuesday's
Scholarship program participant
11. What Activities, Events, or Programs would you like to see the CMCC offer?
12. CMCC Board meetings are open to the public, would you like to attend?
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13. In order to make scheduling board meetings accessible to the majority of the community. Choose a prefered time or times below.
14. Do you have any unique or special skills you could contribute for an event?
15. Suggest a program or activity you would like to see at CMCC?
16. CMCC, along with local businesses and the Fire Department have adopted a policy of zero waste during our events with a significant investment of resources.
Do you support this effort?
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17. What needs have you seen in our community that have not been addressed by us or any other agency? If so which of these do you think CMCC should consider addressing?
18. Have you volunteered at a CMCC in the past ?
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19. Would you be interested in volunteering at CMCC in the future?
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20. If CMCC had it set up for future events to volunteer for a 2 hour block would you be interested?
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21. Volunteer hours can be applied toward requirements for community service. Would you be interested in volunteering at CMCC?
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22. CMCC would like to offer great programing thanks to volunteers like you. What classes or programs would you be interested in supporting as a volunteer?
23. What is the best way for CMCC to let you know about upcoming events and future opportunities? *
24. If you would prefer notification of upcoming events or volunteer opportunities at CMCC, please give us your contact information below.

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