#SincerelyChosen: Season 3 Nomination Form
Sincerely Chosen: The Live Interview Series is a live talk show based in Philadelphia, PA that informs, inspires and entertains a devoted (and growing) audience.

Every month audience members gather to enjoy the evening show that is created and hosted by Sincerely Syreeta (hailed as "the Oprah of Philly"). The show includes feature interviews, food, drinks, live entertainment, music by DJ G33k, networking and giveaways.

We're looking for interviewees whose lives, work and personalities embody the show's mission of informing, inspiring and entertaining!

Know a person of interest or influence who should be Sincerely Chosen this season? Let us know about them!

Check out some of the topics below that may help guide you with your nomination:

+ Relationships & Dating (family, friends, significant others, singledom)
+ Sex, Love, & Intimacy (taboo, coaching, overcoming challenges)
+ Finances (planning, saving, investing)
+ Spirituality & Religion (enlightenment, coaching, best practices, programs)
+ Health & Wellness (fitness, meditation, addiction, nutrition, mental health, therapy)
+ Business & Nonprofit (entrepreneurship, coaching, funding, professional empowerment)
+ Education (teaching, youth, higher ed.)
+ Arts, Culture & Music (artists, influencers, celebrities)
+ Cuisine/Cooking (how-to, special programs/events, meal planning/prep)
+ Pop Culture & Fashion (trends, latest news, influencers, designers)
+ Politics & Civic Engagement (local, regional, national, international)
+ Empowerment & Advocacy (women, communities of color, special needs, LGBT. BLM)

Nomination Deadline: November 30th, 2016

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