Pretty Heroes Masquerade 2019
Welcome to Pretty Heroes 2019 Masquerade Costume Contest! Please fill in the following information to register for the masquerade. Please remember to check in with Bear Sailor Moon to secure your spot on the day of!

We are excited to see your cosplays and what you are bringing to this years convention! This is a for fun masquerade which we encourage people to enter to hone their skills and have a great time. We welcome all who are in cosplay to join, however costumes that are purchased may not be eligible for awards.

Although this is primarily a for fun masquerade, there are some rules that contestants must follow:
+ All entries are allowed 2 minutes max to use the stage (This does not include host introduction)
+ All audio must be submitted and approved before use
+ No profanity or coarse language
+ No throwing of anything from the stage
+ No pyrotechnics, other stage tricks, or any actions that may be unsafe for yourself or others
+ Be respectful of your fellow cosplayers, judges, and convention crew
+ No nudity as this is a family oriented event

Please check in with Bear Sailor Moon before the event to ensure your spot in the masquerade.

If you're unable to pre-register, registration will also be open at the convention at Bear Sailor Moon's table and it will close two hours before the masquerade. Please bring your audio on a USB key with typed introductions and a brief, typed description of your entry if you are registering at the convention.

Workmanship judging will be required for those who choose to enter for a workmanship award and will require a sit down conversation with the judges prior to the masquerade. If there are any scheduling conflicts, please let your host know so we can work out an alternative time.
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