DF Dance Studio Salsa & Bachata Teams Auditions Registration Form November-July 2018 Season Audition Form
DF Dance Studio is excited to hold PLACEMENT AUDITIONS on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Placement auditions means that you will be placed in an appropriate team based on your dance level, commitment and availability.

Audition details:
12:00pm - 1:30pm: SALSA and YAMULEE AUDITIONS (teams, performance challenges, and ladies styling)
1:30pm - 3:00pm: BACHATA AUDITIONS (teams and performance challenge)
Yamulee Advanced Ladies and Partnerwork team auditioners must also meet 3:00pm - 3:30pm

- Dance Shoes
- Comfortable clothes
- Come early to stretch and warm up on your own, 10-15 minutes beforehand
- Prepared to do basic social steps, dance technique (ability to do spins, body movement, timing, etc), and learn a short footwork/partnerwork section.
- If admitted to team or performance challenge, come prepared to pay $45 non-refundable registration fee

Being on a team or performance challenge is a great way to get performance experience, improve your technique, and meet new friends!

1. Extensive training opportunities
3 hours of practices per week:
- 1 hour choreography
- 1 hour social dance technique
- 1 hour team practice time (with TA)

2. Discounts on stuff!
30% off 2nd team tuition
50% off salsa/bachata studio classes
Studio socials discounts
Discounts on shoes & studio attire

3. Want to TEACH salsa & bachata one day?
- Join a DF team and apply for our Teachers Assistant program (optional). A lot of our current teachers started there!

4. Performances & Competitions
- Multiple performance opportunities in state (& out of state - for higher level teams)
- Competition opportunities (for higher level teams)

5. World Champions training!
- Discounts on monthly workshops with World Champions and featured artists!

We offer different levels of teams and performance challenges at DF Dance Studio:

1. Confident Beginner to Intermediate level performance challenges focus on learning choreography in a team environment, and enjoying the thrill of a performance! The seasons are shorter (November to February Season and March to June Season), there is less time commitment and pressure than a regular team, and costume costs are less, or non-existent. Students who have been dancing Salsa or Bachata for a short period of time, but are motivated and interested in improving their skills with a team and learning new techniques are also welcome.

2. Advanced beginner and Intermediate level teams have strict audition requirements and focus on helping students challenge themselves and become dancers in their own right. The requirements, time commitment, and expectations for these level teams are much higher than performance challenges.

-Note: if you are an On 1 salsa dancer, you are still eligible to try out for On 2 salsa teams at your dance level. The teams include technique and choreography classes which can help you learn On 2 timing.

IMPORTANT: Expectations on all teams and performance challenges require outside practice times on your own to improve, and dedication to the team. You must also ensure you're available and can make time for your team and their performances for the entire season.


1. Valentine's Salsa Social Friday, February 9th, 2018
2. Anniversary Showcase on Saturday, April 28th, 2018 (two shows total)
3. Buena Vista Salsa Social - May 2018
4. Salt Lake Salsa Festival weekend of June 1st, 2018
5. Las Vegas National Congress July 5th to 8th, 2018 (Intermediate Teams: New Generation, Shines, Bachatu de DF, and Yamulee teams)

Las Vegas Ultimate Latin Dance Championships Competition (open challenge, Intermediate teams)


1. Non-refundable registration fee: $45 for all teams (includes recital fee)

**IMPORTANT, you are expected to pay $45 (registration) THE SAME DAY as auditions if you make it on to a team or performance challenge. There will also be a handout you will be required to sign upon joining a DF team or performance challenge, so please ask for a copy from DF or take time to look over it the day of auditions or within the drop period**

2. Tuition for teams: Varies between $85-$95 a month depending on the team or performance challenge (calculated by number of weeks and classes in the session)

3. Costumes: Estimated to cost between $70-$130 for Advanced Beginner and Intermediate level teams. Performance Challenge costumes are estimated to cost between $0-$40.


We hold 2 seasons for TEAMS at DF Dance studio:
#1: November 27th - June 3rd (July 8th if you’re performing in Vegas), and
#2: mid July - end of October

We hold 3 seasons for PERFORMANCE CHALLENGES at DF Dance studio:
#1: November 27th - February 15th,
#2: March 5th - June 3rd,
#3: mid July - end of October

Rehearsals begin the week of November 27th, and go until June 3rd
Higher level teams may also continue on until July 4th weekend to perform in the Las Vegas Salsa Congress

1. Sabroso Salseros Performance Challenge - On 2
Practices Tuesdays 8-10pm
Level: Confident Beginner to Intermediate

2. Mambo Salsa Team - On 2
Choreography class Mondays 9-10pm and Technique Wednesdays 9-10pm
Level: Advanced Beginner

3. New Generation Salsa Team - On 2
Practices Mondays 9-10:30pm and Technique Wednesdays 9-10pm
Level: Intermediate or higher

4. Deseo Divas Ladies Styling Team - On 2
Practices Wednesdays 7-9pm technique and choreography
Level: Confident Beginner to Intermediate

5. Diamante Bachata Performance Challenge
Practices Thursdays technique class 6 or 7pm (depending on level), choreography 8pm
Level: Confident Beginner to Intermediate

6. Bachata Ardor Team
Practices Thursdays, technique class 7 or 8pm (depending on level), choreography 9pm
Level: Advanced Beginner

7. Bachatu de DF Team
Practices Thursdays technique and choreography 8-10:30pm
Level: Intermediate or higher

8. Las Reinas Ladies Shines Team - On 2
Practices Tuesdays 9-10:30pm + monthly 2 hour workshop
Level: Intermediate or higher


Directors: Maria Ivanova, Julio Morales, Frida Moses, Yana Mkrtchyan, Lindsay Nelson, Moises Ramirez, and welcoming JONATHAN IBARRA!!!
Team manager: Frida Moses


1. Fill out this form
2. You will be contacted by email or text and given a handout that goes over all dates, costs, rules, and answers all of your questions regarding joining a team. You may also contact us to schedule a time to meet in person to go over all these things. The meeting will be with Frida Moses.
3. We can discuss anything you would like to know or have concerns about during this time, and you can also feel free to pay the registration fee and November/December tuition early so you don't have to worry about it the day of auditions if you'd like. We encourage you to join us ahead of time to look at the handout and to understand the team process before auditions.

INFO: Email frontdesk@dfdancestudio.com or text us at (385) 743-1682
DF Dance Studio: 2978 S State Street, Salt Lake City, UT
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