Aspect:Ratio Zine Submissions
Please fill out this submission form for your art to be considered for publication in the Lyric's zine. We are always looking for submissions and just because you don't hear back from us immediately doesn't mean your work won't be published in future issues.

"Hey Lyric Person! What kind of stuff do you want me to submit?" If it can be printed on paper, we may want it! We're looking for flash (non-)fiction; poetry; scans of drawings, paintings, engravings, stamps, etc.; personally-made puzzles of any kind; photos; doodles; cartoons; satirical investigative-journalism; film criticism; and anything else you can think of! Keep in mind though, we'll be photocopying these in black and white.

The easiest way to share your work with us is by providing a Google Drive link (but we'll acquiesce to you sharing a Dropbox link, too) in the form below. Please make sure we're able to download your file/s without complication.

Oh, and by the way, if a piece of yours gets accepted, we want to pay you for it. It won't be enough to pay your rent, but you'll be able to buy you and your friends some beers!

The next issue of Aspect:Ratio is being put together right now, but even if we don't use your work in an immediate issue, we'll still keep it as well as your name and contact info on file for future issues.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions -
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