Future of Energy 2021: Youth shaping by example - The next decade of transition in the European Energy Sector
Welcome and many thanks for your participation in the survey "Youth shaping by example - The next decade of transition in the European Energy Sector" conducted by Young Leaders in Energy and Sustainability - Europe (https://www.yes-energy-europe.com/).

1) The aim of the survey?
To develop an understanding of how you - energy students and young sector professionals, aged 18 to 30 - shape the current European energy sector with your drive and initiative, in your professional and private lifes.

2) What to expect in the next 20-30 minutes?
The survey contains a total of 31 questions while only a collection of them is mandatory to be answered by you. Overall, we highly appreciate your honest and reasoned feedback so that your initiatives and demands are heard better and - in the end - can count more. Therefore: Take your time and appreciate quality over quantity - No deadline to meet but a strong message to be advocated!

3) What will be the outcome of your given responses?
By clearly putting your tangible youth contribution on the map, we want to provide a valuable collection of best practices and assessments to proactively discuss conclusions to better-tackle current disruptions such as climate change mitigation and digitalization with today´s leaders in the European energy sector.

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