Coles - Claiming Unpaid Work Time With RAFFWU
The Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) receives many reports from Coles workers across Australia that work time before, during and after shifts is not being paid.

Workers are entitled to be paid for all time worked. RAFFWU recently represented a member in Newcastle who had been regularly working about once per week past his rostered finish time without payment. He secured backpayment worth over $3000 for just over two years of being required to work back once a week. This clearly shows that workers required to work without payment can be owed thousands of dollars. If Anthony had been required to work past his finish for four shifts a week over six years, he would have been owed over $30 000.

We know that we can help members secure their entitlements where groups of members work together.

This form is for workers who want to claim unpaid work time, unpaid breaks and appropriate overtime rates for all hours worked but not paid. From time to time RAFFWU runs campaigns during which new members can join and participate even though the issues have already occurred. This is one such campaign. RAFFWU will only represent workers where at least 5 members join and participate in a store.

To avoid doubt, these campaigns work best where we can bring strong evidence to the table. We will help members collate evidence and present their best case. We will discuss any limitations with members and work to secure the best possible outcome.

The sooner you and your coworkers get on board, the sooner we can fix these issues.

In the past six years have you been required to work without payment, even for just 7 or 8 minutes at a time? *
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In the past six years, have you been required to work past the finish of a four hour shift but not received a paid 15 minute rest break? *
If you have worked past your rostered finish time, have you clocked out when you actually finish? *
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If you have started before your rostered start time, have you clocked on when you actually start? *
Select all that apply. We understand many workers arrive 10 minutes early, this question helps with our understanding of what has been happening in your situation.
Explain in your own words how often you would start early or finish late, how long you work before or after your rostered time, how often you aren't paid for it, and how long this has been happening. If you have been required to work through breaks, explain in your own words how often you work through breaks, how you are directed to work through the break and whether the breaks are rest breaks or meal breaks. *
Take the time to answer this with as much information as possible. If you wish to send screenshots or other documents please email them to and include your name in the email.
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How long have you worked for Coles and in which years did some or all of these issues occur? *
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