Sport for All Organizations: join the NOMADs programme
What is this about?
NOMADs collaborative partnership is a SPORT Erasmus+ project that aims at bridging Sport for All (social sport, citizenship sport, inclusive sport) organizations with Voluntary Service NGOs to build up new synergies.

To fill this form will take 10 minutes, there are just 13 questions!

If you run sport activities and want to involve young volunteers from other EU Countries you can make it, thanks to the support of the partnership. After have filled the form, contact us to, we will do our best to make your idea a fantastic experience for your community and for European Youth.

What's "Sport for All"? Please have a read of our vision statement:

The project NOMADs - Youth for inclusive sport has received the support of the EACEA, within the Erasmus+ Programme, SPORT Collaborative Partnership. This research reflects the views only of the author, and the European Commission and the Agency cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
1. Name of Your Organization *
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2. Name and Surname of the Respondent *
3. Website
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4. Address *
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5. Mission and Values *
Please give a summary of the Organization mission and promoted values/principles
6. Dimension - Individual Members *
Please tell how many individual members your Organization had in 2015
7. Dimension - Geographical *
Please tell the Organization activities coverage
8. Target Groups/Beneficiaries *
Please choose one or more beneficiary group. You can even add an option if you need to specify.
9. Your Sport Activities *
Please name the different sport activities/disciplines of your organization. For a comprehensive list please refer to the document at this link or attached to the email we sent you:
10. Challenges *
Please share what challenges/constraints your Organizations usually face
11. Can you share three examples of recent activities and events? *
Give 3 syntetic examples of events and programmes of your organizations
12. Does your Organization join Partnerships or Networks?
If your Organization is member of National or International platforms/networks/partnerships, please name them.
13. Might the organization be interested in involving European young volunteers to support local events? *
NOMADs project will create partnerships to allow an efficient and useful involvement of European volunteers for Sport for All events.
Not at all!
Excellent Idea!
Conditions and Privacy
By filling this form you authorize the NOMADs project promoters to publish relevant information of your organization. CONTACT details will NOT be published. You can always request modifications and cancellation of the data by sending an email to Mr. Marcello Mariuzzo, project coordinator at Lunaria, to
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