Gratitude Week - express one thank you and help someone experience the power of appreciation
Sometimes we all feel a little taken for granted. Gratitude is the simplest, most effective remedy.
What do I need to do? Express your gratitude to one person (or a group of people) once or more during Third Sector Gratitude Week - 12th - 16th Sept 2016
How do you help me? We send you one Gratitude & High Quality Mini Recharge (mini mindfulness & other techniques) nudge email each day, Mon - Fri of Gratitude Week.
How will I benefit? Studies show that you will reduce stress, increase feelings of optimism, encourage confidence in others and fly to the moon (last one is made up but all others are proven by science).
Who has already expressed gratitude for Gratitude Week? Doctors, Scientists, Nurses, Parents, Managers, Children, Programmers, Carers, Sportsmen, Chief Executive's and many more.
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To save you time, we have made it super easy for you to submit a gratitude quote below. We will post it onto the communal Appreciation Wall for you. (It's fine if you want to skip this and just click confirm at the bottom, but the science is clear; you will feel a bit better doing this now).
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