Southwest Idaho Fire Training (SWIFT) Academy Week is a joint effort by Boise BLM, Boise NF, Southwest IDL, and College of Western Idaho (CWI) to offer 100-200 level courses the week of May 21-25, 2018.

This nomination form is required by any agency, AD personnel, or cooperator who would like to participate in any of the offered training. This form can be completed once or multiple times for different courses for a single person if needed. Along with this form, individuals should be nominated in IQCS by their training officer or designated IQCS Manager.


Any private individual or contractor who would like to register for any of the available classes (refer to the list below), will need to register through the College of Western Idaho website: http://cwidaho.cc/program/wildland-fire-academy

IMPORTANT: When completing the form there are two pages, ensure to click NEXT to get to the second page and then at the bottom of the second page click SUBMIT.

All classes will be held at the College of Western Idaho, Nampa campus.

IMPORTANT: As class schedule information is finalized it will be posted on the SWIFT and National Wildland Fire Training websites:

For QUESTIONS. CHANGES or CANCELLATIONS, contact your training officer:
Leigh Ann Hislop, Boise BLM. 208.384.3403. lhislop@blm.gov
Julia Figgins, Boise NF. 208.373.4180. jpfiggins@fs.fed.us
Casper Urbanek, Southwest IDL. 208.334.3488. curbanek@idl.idaho.gov

SELECTION LETTERS for each course will be emailed to individuals and/or training officers approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the start date that will contain the logistical information and any pre-work required for the class.

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