Digital Transformation & Workload Survey
Digitisation of every element of our lives as citizens, consumers, customers and employees is also having an impact on our expectations of the experience and delivery of healthcare.

In this survey we’d like to find out how the ‘digital transformation*’ is impacting on the administration and care delivery processes at your practice; looking at what technology investments you have made, or are planning to make, to meet their needs and what you think are the benefits – and any downsides – of the ‘digital patient’ on the workload of you and your practice team.

*For the purposes of this survey we’ve refined the definition of ‘digital patient’ as one who appears to be familiar and at ease with digital technology and who has a tendency to interact with your practice online.

Administration Processes
With the digital patient in mind - what administration tools do you have in place to meet their needs? *
How do you think your digital patients specifically impact the PAPERWORK WORKLOAD of the surgery? *
Care Delivery Processes
What processes have you introduced to meet the needs of your digital patients? *
What processes are you planning to introduce within the next 12 months? *
Impacts on the Practice Team
How do you think the digital transformation impacts the GENERAL WORKLOAD of the practice? *
What do you see as the benefits of these adaptations and technologies for you and your patients? *
With digital transformation in mind; what aspects of practice do you think you now need to consider more carefully *
The Future
What other technologies can you imagine introducing over the next five years? *
What do you see as the benefits for you and YOUR PRACTICE TEAM including the GPs of the emergence of the digital patient? *
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