Volpcoin Token Swap Bonus
Due to our absence and all the necessary resources for mining , compillation problems with the wallet of volpcoin beta, we decided to launch the token to revitalize the project and compensate users who have deposited their trust, their dreams in the Volpcoin project. In this way, the tokens are already available for trading directly in the market.

There will be two phases of the exchange:

The first phase is just a bonus reward for the token (started May 26th and will end up on July 1st ) . Which means all users will receive the Token Volp. (the miners will receive 1 / 1.5 and the remaining users holding the volpcoin will receive 1/1)

The second phase will be launched when we publish the new Volp A.I Client platform. (The exchange will be between the old wallet for this new wallet)

Please fill out this form to apply to the Volpcoin token swap bonus. This form will be used for the delivery of the bonus and also for the second phase of the swap.

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