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The Gujarat CSR Authority (GCSRA) was established in 2015 as an institution chaired by the Honourable Chief Minister of the State with a mission to catalyse sustainable growth by facilitating corporate partnership with the Government and with community-based organizations via CSR.

GCSRA has, till date, organized three editions of the National CSR Conclave and Awards from 2017-2019, which are aimed at providing a common platform to stakeholders for engaging in knowledge sharing & dissemination. The National CSR conclaves are organized with a view to provide an opportunity to corporates, government agencies, NGOs & civil society, academics and other stakeholders to share their expectations, aspirations and responsibilities, to be better able to address the social challenges faced by the State. A major highlight of the National Conclave is the Gujarat State CSR Awards, which is a ‘first of its kind’ state level awards for CSR. With the 3rd edition of the Awards, over 50 good CSR practices across Gujarat have now been documented in a series of 3 Coffee Table Books and a rich knowledge depository has been established in the form of an interactive web portal. The release of the Annual State of CSR Report (2019) was another milestone for the CSR practitioner community as a ready reckoner for CSR in the country.

GCSRA has witnessed overwhelming responses for its Conclave and Award events in the last three years as we have continuously tried to showcase work, which often might get un-noticed to the social development set. We have been striving to facilitate knowledge exchange for all levels of CSR practitioners, through a series of enriching panel discussions & experience sharing opportunities, to eventually help in furthering impactful and scalable CSR programmes.

GCSRA acknowledges the contribution of several partners in GCSRA’s journey of creating awareness, facilitating CSR professionals to take up model projects and setting new benchmarks in the arena of CSR. In this journey, we have tried to seek feedback each year in order to try and better future events. In April 2020, the 4th edition of the CSR Conclave and Awards is being planned and GCSRA seeks your feed-forward inputs to actually be involved in design of the next year’s conclave. A short survey form has been designed to capture your inputs for us to develop a perspective of what stakeholders want, so that an incremental and demand-based learning event can be facilitated. We solicit your contributions and inputs for the same:
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CSR compliance (w.r.t. new regulations) and norms post 2019
CSR as an opportunity to further the national commitments and the SDGs
HDI based OR local area focussed CSR: the strategic imperative
CSR as a strategic investment avenue for the Business
Public Private Partnership approaches in CSR for increasing outreach and impact
How research and innovation can impact CSR
Measures to include Result Based Management in CSR
Developing a credit rating & trading system in CSR: the futures
Social stock exchanges: furthering / derailing development progress
Identifying and building effective NGO partnerships
Tax incentives for CSR: encouraging / distorting the development progress
Tools & frameworks to do sustainable and results based CSR
Investing in incubators: an opportunity or a lost cause
SDG based discussion on Water
SDG based discussion on Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
SDG based discussion on Climate Change & Environment
SDG based discussion on Natural Resource Management
SDG based discussion on Education, skill Development and Livelihoods
SDG based discussion on Social Entrepreneurship
Annual State of CSR Report: a discussion on chapterisation
CSR masterclass by the experts: a practitioner based Q/A session
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