Starting in 2018, SURFUR will be switching from a public, all access event to a private, members only event. Please fill out all information correctly. Once reviewed, you will receive a reply. Please be patient as our membership intake system isn't fully operational as of yet.
When reporting medical conditions, we only need anything that we as an event should be aware of, and that could be an issue during the event. All information will be kept confidential.

-Attended at least 2 events
-No infractions or problems on file
-Be 19 or older.

-Attended less than 2 events
-Been involved with issues, problems or minor infractions against COC
-Be 19 or older.

The event has become a private function, and therefore we:
Do not guarantee membership to anyone.
Reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.
Reserve the right to nullify memberships at anytime.
False information, or information provided in an attempt to be misleading in anyway will result in denied membership.

Be aware that membership to this event is not a right, but a privilege.

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