Early Admissions for SAT Summer Camp
Please fill this form out to reserve a spot at 1on1Tutoring's SAT summer camps.

Our unique camps provide:
- College student teachers with near perfect scores who have recently gone through the same process you have and know it best
- Curricula written by our professional team of education majors
- Curricula written by students to cater to all learning types
- 8 hours a day of practice with breaks for lunch and facilitated discussions
- The option of lunches and 10 proctored practice tests

Pricing is $400 for the 1 week camp. However, there is a 15% discount for "early birds" (if you sign up before April 15th), bringing the price down to $340. Additionally, there is unique pricing for current clients and referrals, please feel free to ask about it.

If you want to reach us to ask any further questions,
Email us: info@1on1tutoring.org
Call us: 512-887-8793
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An extra $50 fee but we'll provide healthy delivered lunches from local restaurants.
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An additional $50 for proctored tests throughout any of the times we have available this summer.
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Call 512-942-7788 or email info@1on1tutoring.org if you have any questions and are wondering how many slots are open in a specific week.
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