How can we help get what you need? Rincon UCC Member Response To Our Church Community's Needs During COVID-19 Pandemic
Greetings, beloved Rincon UCC family. Please use this form to let Rincon UCC leadership know how we can provide for you as we all prepare for possible quarantines, social distancing/isolation, and resource scarcity during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Right now, the CDC is recommending for folks 60 and older and all others with underlying medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to the virus to take extra precautions. According to health experts, these groups should ensure they have groceries and adequate medical supplies, the agency said, and should avoid crowds in poorly ventilated areas. Those receiving care from relatives and aides should have backup plans.

The CDC recommends keeping enough groceries and toiletries on hand to last you a "prolonged period of time." There's no timeline for the Covid-19 outbreak, though, so think basic.

Stock up on toothpaste, detergent, water filters, etc.

Make meals and freeze them if you're concerned about food.

But stocking up on medication ahead of time isn't always plausible, Perissinotto said. You may be able to switch to a 90-day supply for your prescription. If this isn't possible, the CDC suggests mail ordering medications.

This is where we want to help each other as a community! Since many in Rincon's congregation fit the description of those needing to take extra precaution, please use this form and name how we can help get and bring you what you need. This will be in addition to the ways we will check in via phone, email, and video during any and all disruptions in normal church life!
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Homemade Mask Need (sewn by Ann G & Beth S!)
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Pets: If you have one/some, what supplies do you need? (You can specify/explain what brands in next question)
Pets: What brands/amounts of pet food and products do you get and where do you like to get them?
Pets: Do you want or need help with dog-walking or veterinarian visits during the period of social distancing and possible quarantine?
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Reimbursement can be made by cash or check when supplies are delivered. Please let us know if you are in need of financial assistance in getting what you need - it's perfectly ok to say yes! *
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