Adapt Service Request Form 2023
Our 2024 Service request form is located HERE:
Thank you for your interest!

Welcome to our Service Request Form! We are truly happy you are here and are looking forward to meeting you in real life. Please take the time to read through the questions thoroughly and answer them as completely as possible. 

Over the last three years about 50% of the people who fill out this form disappear and never have the wonderful experience of working with our Community Leaders. Please only request a service if you are absolutely sure you will follow through. Service requests that are dropped prevent other people from receiving our services. Let's help create a culture of generosity by only asking for what we can use! A garden for one is a garden for all. And to make sure you get all of our correspondence, please add our email address to your contacts! and 

All of the services offered by Adapt Community Supported Ecology are free of charge. We do this because ecological services are often prohibitively expensive. Yet these services, and the education and connection that comes with them, are fundamentally important to each and every one of us. 
But you know these things definitely cost real money! 

Before you go any further, please take a few moments to donate. Our sincerest hope is that you become a sustaining donor (monthly or yearly) at a level that is no sweat off your back. For some, that might be $2 a month. Awesome! For others, $2000 a year or more is no big deal. (but send us a message if you want to donate large amounts.) Click the following link, donate, and carry on! We are excited to meet you :-)

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What Adapt service are you interested in? (Be aware that not every service is available in every community) *
Please describe your garden or landscape. What is the soil, sun, moisture like? Is it Urban, Suburban or Rural. What natural features are nearby?
A fundamental aspect of Adapt is an understanding that nature is a shared resource held in common good. Will this garden be in a space that is accessible to the public (i.e. front yard, easement, along shared fence, etc)?
What Natural Areas do you like to visit *
Would you be interested in volunteering with Adapt?
One more question! Did you donate? Every dollar counts. For real! Whether it's $2 a month or $10,000 a year. Your donation goes to restoring our ecological heritage and creating a shared sense of cultural purpose. Please give today :-) *
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